The Creation of Contemporary Music from Isan Folk Melodies: The Modern Molam, AllThidsa Molam Band


  • Arthit Khamhongsa ,Weerayut Seekhunlio ,Thawatchai Sinlapachok ,Sitthiphong Yodnon ,Satavat Malaisri ,Chatchawal Soigudrua


Domestic and international audiences, Isan folk


Isan folk instruments are combined with western ones in this study, which is a sort of creative research. Following are the goals of the study: Both domestic and international audiences will be able to see the current Molam AllThidsa Melam Band, which is based on traditional Isan tunes. The results showed that modern Molam, All-Tinidsa Molam Band, is based on Isan folk songs. As a result, Isan folk tunes are more enjoyable to listen to thanks to this band. The melodies of "New Pu Pa Lan" and "New Sud Sa Naen" are based on Western music composition techniques. With an emphasis on Isan folk instruments including harp (Khaen), Isan fiddle (Kabkaeb), small cymbals (Kabkaeb), and cymbals (Kabkaeb), these songs are unique works with an emphasis on combining traditional and modern instruments. Using the core melody of Isan folk melodies and Western instrument group improvisations, it creates an entirely new listening and creative experience that is distinct from Isan music. Music genres such as reggae and disco music are included in the rhythm part of the composition to make the songs more enjoyable for a wide range of audiences, both locally and globally, as well as to promote the songs' international appeal.