Management Model for Internship in Music, Bachelor of Music Program, Mahasarakham University


  • Sayam Chuangprakhon ,Weerayut Seekhunlio


Musical internship issues, College of Music


In this study, the problem of musical internship curriculum students was examined and a plan was proposed for music curriculum students at Mahasarakham University's College of Music. A total of 67 students, including nine supervisors and 29 controllers, were surveyed throughout their internships. A survey of musical internship issues and conditions and a model for conducting a musical internship were used in the study. Forms of musical internship suitability and feasibility assessment. The statistic made use of percentages, averages, and standard deviations. Every year, the College of Music at Mahasarakham University has a separate reporting format for the issues and conditions of a musical internship. A model for a musical internship had been designed by the researcher. According to Edward w. Deming's Deming Cycle or PDCA, a researcher synthesised the questionnaires of the example groups and documentation data to produce the musical internship model. The methodology for development contained the following steps: 1) preparation; 2) execution; and 3) verification. 4.89 total comment from instructors on the musical internship results = 4.89 improvement. It's simple to use, and the results are crystal-clear.