Context and Sustainability Promotion of Phu Thai Music, Si Thai District, Udon Thani Province


  • Sarawut Choatchamrat


Contexts, Sustainability, Culture, Phu Thai Music, Udon Thani Province


Studying the Phu Thai cultural background in Si That District, Udon Thani Province, as well as the rules for fostering Phu Thai music's long-term viability, were the primary goals of this research. This is a high-quality study. Experts, practitioners, and members of the public were all important sources of information. Surveys, interviews and observations were used in the research process. It was then presented in a descriptive analysis once the data had been collected, validated for correctness, and evaluated in accordance with its stated objectives. That's what the study found. 1. Language, food, traditions and beliefs, music, and performing arts of the Phu Thai ethnic group were the cultural surroundings of the Si That District, Udon Thani Province. Communities of Phu Thai people need to form up cultural preservation committees to maintain and pass on the traditions of their people to the next generation. 2. Guidelines for the sustainability of Phu Thai music in Si That District, Udon Thani Province, can be divided into several guidelines: promoting the Phu Thai musical identity; promoting public popularity; promoting the use of modern media to disseminate Phu Thai music and performing arts; promoting the transmission of Phu Thai music and performing arts; and promoting the government and related organisations' support. There are several benefits to the study in terms of promoting pride in the Phu Thai people's music culture, which in turn could contribute to the preservation of all other cultural aspects of the Phu Thai people's identity.