A Study of the History and Performance of Paya Artist in Mukdahan Province.


  • Sarawut Choatchamrat


Mo Lum Phaya, lives of Mo Lum Phaya, Don Tan, Mukdahan


"Mo Lum Phaya Singers in Mukdahan Province: Their Lives and Works" In this article, the goals were clear. First, it sought to learn about the life and work of Mukdahan Provice's Mo Lum Phaya, and then it sought to learn about both of those things. Qualitative research was used to gather data from 35 sources, including the vocalists of Mo Lum, the audience, and the managers of entertainment agency offices. Given that Dontan district is home to the majority of Mo Lum Phaya singers, this kind of lum Phaya performance is referred to as "lum Phaya dontan" or "lum Phaya hua dontan.". The study's findings were categorised into three groups based on the history and performance of singers: 1. They still used their ancient format of lum performance, which included Isan musical instruments including the khaen mouth organ, the phin plucked lute, and the chap hand cymbal and drum. The singers were given the opportunity to perform at a number of community feasts to celebrate good deeds. Neither the quality of one's work nor the reputation it has earned extend beyond the immediate vicinity. 2. Lum performances were seen as a second career for the middle stratum of rice farmers. Both ancient and modern styles were represented through their use of Western instruments like piano, guitar, bass, and saxophone, as well as a variety of percussion. Lum Phaya xing or lum Phaya prayuk is a sort of traditional performance that resembles a modern lum xing. During the feasts, they would perform for the entire crowd. Learning from traditional singers is a common practise among these groups At the regional and national levels this was a very well-known display of talent. 3. They're still in their teens and early twenties, and they're spread out throughout both public and private schools of higher learning. The members of Mo Lum Phaya aren't proficient enough. Most of them performed at schools, blending old and new forms. Just a local or schoolbased performance operation has emerged.