Lai Lam Piano: The Isan Piano Melodies


  • Akapong Phulaiyaw


Piano, Lai Lam Piano, Solo Piano


It is a work of creative study, "Lai Lam piano: The Isan Piano Melodies," which uses Western composition techniques to create musical works in Isan styles by incorporating the Isan folk melody. It takes roughly 35 minutes to listen to the entire album's eight songs. It's a piano piece with a piano style and a simple harmonies arrangement. Octave notes, 4,5,6, and block chords are used throughout the chorus as well as passing notes and rhythmic patterns. Also included in the course was "Lai Lam piano: the Isan Piano melodies," which was taught to students in the Western Music Skills class. The pupils were able to play, but they still lacked fluidity and accuracy in their performances, according to the results. Due of the complexity of Lai Lam Piano melodies, pupils need to work on their finger strength. Students who learn and play Lai Lam piano songs should also practise a variety of exercises, according to the researcher. Additionally, they can practise Hanon exercises and extra scales in order to improve their playing of other tunes. It then came time to select an individual to participate in one of the concerts that received a lot of positive feedback from audience members. As a result, the student has received practise playing in front of a large group of spectators. With Western musical composition techniques and Isan folk music patterns, he can practise and strengthen his musical skills in solo piano composition genres.