Theology Teacher Candidates’ Perspectives of Geography

Yılmaz GEÇİT

Recep Tayyip Erdogan University, Rize, TURKEY


Geography, Religion, Theologian, Perspectives, Turkey ,


Geography and religion have received a vast amount of attention in education, separately. It is well known that there are various interactions between religions and geography or geographical facts. However, it is still not known the role of geography on religion beliefs and practices. In this regard, this study aims to describe the relationship between religions and some elements of geography science from the point of view of theologians themselves. Data were collected from 20 graduates of theology from all over the Turkey. Participants were interviewed by using a semi-structured interview forms that consisted three main questions. The data were analyzed with content analysis method by using Nvivo 10.0. The findings of the study revealed the impact of geography on Turkish theologians. All of the participants stated that geographical information has a facilitative effect on their life, but as a part of general knowledge and at a simple level only. Also, it was found that geographical facts have influenced by the conception of denominations in religions. In other words, different geographical conditions have led the spread of different denominations or sects under religions. In addition, geographical conditions might raise distinct religious sensitivities. All participants indicated that it is a must to have basic geographical information. Accordingly, they pointed out the vital role of the various geography courses that have to be included undergraduate curriculum and the need for various geography courses at undergraduate level. The results with implication for future research and practice are discussed.