Volume 10, Issue 2, Spring 2020

Editorial (Contents, Editorial Commissions, From the Editor)
Eyüp Artvinli

Youth Climate Change Mitigation Practices and Adaptation in Malacca State, Malaysia
Nasir NAYAN, Mohmadisa HASHIM, Hanifah MAHAT,
Yazid SALEH, Saiyidatina Balkhis NORKHAIDI / Researh Article                                                   

Using the ‘New Age Atlantis’ Case Study for Global Education Components of Geography Lessons Across Lower Secondary Schools in Czechia
Petra KARVÁNKOVÁ, Dagmar POPJAKOVÁ Tatiana MINTÁLOVÁ / Good Practice Article         

Factors of Critical Spatial Thinking for a Geography Metacognition Assessment in Indonesian Senior High Schools
Muhammad NURSA’BAN, Kumaidi KUMAIDI, Mukminan MUKMINAN / Research Article
Physical Geography Education: The Postgraduate Research Trends in Turkey
Öznur YAZICI /Research Article


The Methodological Proposal of the Italian Nineteenth-Century Geographer Giuseppe De Luca: The Passage from the Simple to the Complex   
Reviewer: Emilia SARNO,
University Online Pegaso, ITALY

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