Date:January 02, 2017


Dear Readers of RIGEO;

We look for an international editor for Middle and South America on behalf of RIGEO whose studies mainly are in geographic education as an academic focus area.

The candidates should fill out the attached form here and send it to Editor-In-Chief of RIGEO, Eyup Artvinli, at

You can find more info at:

Basic criteria for candidates:

  1. To know English well enough in order to organize manuscripts from those territories,
  2. Have enough academic works about geographic education,
  3. To have enough knowledge and information for educational systems and geographic education in Middle and South America.
  4. To have strong relationship (preferably working actively with them) with Middle and South American geographical societies and academics.
  5. Be able to assist in the selection of articles on their continent and manage to find enough papers to publish every year (at least 1 article for each issue) from Middle and South America.