Inequalities in Quality of Housing Space across Indian Districts

    Dr. Binu Sangwan ,Alka


    Housing inequality is a disparity in housing quality in a society, a form of economic inequality. Many national constitutions recognize the right to housing, and the lack of adequate housing can have adverse consequences for an individual or a family. This study has attempted to analyze the disparities in the Quality of Housing space across Indian districts by considering various indicators. The present study is based on the secondary data derived from Tables on Houses, Households Amenities and Assets, Census of India, 2011. The study revealed that half of the households do not have a separate kitchen, and almost 55 percent do not have access to a latrine facility within unhygienic premises. 2/5th percent of households do not have a bathroom within the house, and they take baths in the open. Districts of relatively better-off states have performed better than districts from backward states. The analysis further reflects that the country is in a transition phase, where some areas are doing well while others still struggle to have a better in-house environment.

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