The Impact of Integration Facial Recognition Technology on Performance Physical Security

    Saeed Al Zaabi ,Ruzaidi Zamri


    In the contemporary society, security remains one of the major concerns within corporations. Advancements in technology in the 21st century have seen introduction of new security bolstering equipment such as the facial recognition technology (FRT).  Due to the sensitive nature of the corporations in the gas and oil technology, top notch security remains a priority. Despite the fact that many gas and oil industries have embraced this new technology, research on the impact of the implementation of FRT with the integration of the existing security protocols in these corporations is scanty. The aim of this study is to determine whether integrating FRT with the physical security cultures of organizational, human, and technological domains in gas and oil companies can improve physical security performance. First, a review of the existing literature on security procedures and related domains was established, which helped assess the current knowledge on the research study. Subsequently, quantitative research approach was applied to examine the integration of facial recognition technology with existing physical security culture’s domains used by oil and gas companies in UAE to improve the physical security performance. The results of this study affirmed of a clear link between physical security performances in the sector through the integration of FRT into their overall security framework.

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