Strategies Of English-Arabic Remote Simultaneous Interpreting of Proper Names and Phrasal Verbs

    Muhannad Hadi Abdulameer Altalqani ,Sbariah Md Rashid ,Wan Muhammad Wan Sulong ,Muhd Zulkifli Ismail


    Interpreting is the process of oral rendition of source text into target text employing certain strategies. The present study aims to identify the strategies employed by remote simultaneous interpreters in order to overcome the difficulties they face when rendering proper names and phrasal verbs from English into Arabic. The corpus of the present study is Biden’s speech on March-11-2021 about the steps taken by his administration to combat the Corona virus pandemic. The data analysis is based on Kohn and Kalina (1996). The results of the analysis reveal that remote simultaneous interpreters face difficulties rendering proper names, and phrasal verbs from English into Arabic which forced them to resort to either omitting or wrongly rendering them.

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