The Impact of Competitive Strategies on Raising the Market Share of Hotel Organizations - A Field Study in Iraqi Premium-Class Hotels

    Ahmed Majeed Hameed


    The research aims to provide a set of practical and theoretical information to those in charge of hotel organizations and workers in the relevant authorities. Through this, it is possible to clarify the nature of the research variables, their sources, their causes, and the extent of their reflection on the research sample to direct the attention of the departments of the surveyed organizations and make them more appropriate to the reality of the required performance in the light of the Iraqi work environment Characterized by turmoil and a state of uncertainty, and the research problem emerges by observing many cases of sluggishness and the absence of strategic thought, which is highlighted through the general financial and non-financial performance indicators, which clearly indicates that the working departments lack modern strategic thought, which is most prominent in the loss of the compass of competitive strategies This is due to the state of environmental instability, and the research sample was represented by (130) views in (9) of the excellent class hotels in a number of Iraqi governorates. The data was processed through the Statistical Package Program (SPSS), and one of the most prominent results is that the Iraqi hotel environment lacks indicators And the precise measures by which the market share curve of any hotel organization can be determined, as well as the industry environment's lack of Research institutions provide bulletins and publications that explain the activity of stocks or the activity of institutions in general, which means the loss of the compass that guides performance, and one of the most prominent recommendations of the research is that it is imperative for the economic authorities in general and responsible for the tourism sector specifically to activate the economic institutions responsible for preparing indicators for clarifying The image of the activity and the criteria through which it is able to monitor the reality of work and the level of industry performance, and at the forefront of these institutions is the Iraq Stock Exchange.

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