Real Time Monitoring of Electrical Power based on Internet of Things

    Rizky Senja Budiman ,Reza Renaldy ,Asep Rudi Luqmanul Hakim ,Fariz Abdul Aziz ,Rosalin Samihardjo, S.T., M.Kom


    In this modern era, the technology grows rapidly. Almost every technology used by humans are electricity- based. This electricity-based technology sometimes could overburden a house capacity, and without proper adjustments of the house capacity, the electric bill would skyrocket. This could be worsened by electrical leakage in most houses, meaning that the electrical usage would still run despite not using it. The Internet of Thing (IOT) could monitor electrical usage in a house in a distance and real time. The electrical usage in the house could be monitored by a smartphone with additional hardware and software. This research used action research method, which was conducted through gadget configuration. The software used was Blynk and the hardware used was ESP32 microcontroller and PZEM-004Tv3. The ESP32 microcontroller was a chip, used as electronic circuit controller, with WiFi and Bluetooth embedded within. Later, the PZEM-004Tv30 sensor, which was the sensor used in measuring the current in a electrical terminal. This research would be in a form of software that could monitor the consumption of electric power.

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