A Reappraisal of the Dynamics, Problems and Prospects of Historical Studies in Nigeria's Educational System

    Alexander C. Ugwukah (PhD)


    Abstract The work examines the growth and development of historical studies in Nigeria in different phases, dating back to its colonial settings and establishment in the post-colonial Nigeria's educational system. The study argues further that despite efforts made by individual historians to advance the studies to the benefit of interested scholars, the government has not given adequate support to encourage the study, given its concentration and focus on the sciences and technological fields of endeavours. While providing in-depth attention to the changes made in the curriculum of the study from primary through to secondary and eventually at the tertiary levels, the study highlights the relevant careers that the study of history can eventually lead prospective scholars into after their education. The findings of the work revealed that professional historians have not relented in ensuring the development of the studies by confronting the political-governmental forces in the country to ensure that historical studies take their pride of place in the annals of the country's educational system. The work utilised the historical methodology through primary and secondary sources to corroborate practical evidence from teaching experiences over the years. The work concludes that the study of history cannot become irrelevant in the country's educational system as graduates have been known to prove their mettle in various professional backgrounds in information, economic development, politics and international relations and as history teachers. The study recommends that continuous innovations in the course content and timely revision to accommodate the changing trends of societal growth and development will ensure that the study will continue to occupy a pride of place in patronage and relevance in the country's educational system.

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