MIDAS, Repository With "Nder the Pillow Gold" Using Antipodal Unique Identification of Golden Coins for Regional Development and Monetary Applications

    Athanasios Zisopoulos


    Our research started from Gold and the physical properties of Mendeleev elements as traceable ingredients into a golden coin. After the Econophysics inspiration I prepared to an engineering invention patent line to support counter forgery and to offer high security digital evidence for golden Coin and Bullion market. The engineering concept was to embed distinguish ingredients inside the golden coin. Ingredients are recognized through the scanning procedure having different magnetic, electric, and visual traces. For every single coin a full spectrum scanner produces a unique bank-note serial number. The golden coin secure identified is useful for financing, payments either digital or physical. The methodology is the cornerstone of financial and monetary actions like Gold repository, Gold 3.0, Solon’s Seisaxtheia and any type of “Global Reset”. The first implementation could be the witticism “gold pillow” to reunite people gold under a strong monetary tool ready for global gold and digital money actions. A more epic spatiotemporal intervention inspired  by minister Hulusi Akar , where  this gold repository  could be adopted to formulate a new Eurasian luxury offshore destination for the new generation of rich and famous of this world.

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