Connecting Pre-Service Geography Teachers to the Environmental Sustainability of the Community Using Photovoice

    Chul-Ki Cho


    This study examined how pre-service geography teachers connect environmental sustainability with communities using photovoice. Photovoice was essential for connecting their backgrounds and interests with environmental sustainability topics considered important to the community to actively participate in society, to foster ecological citizenship, and to cultivate pedagogical content knowledge on education for sustainable development. In addition, photovoice was a valuable tool for empowering them to communicate with decision makers and policymakers with knowledge and power to help resolve issues in a democratic manner, thereby leading to changes for a better society. Photovoice has rendered the inquiry-based fieldwork project meaningful and relevant by enabling the teachers to voice their perspectives on issues. The results are relevant to geography educators, including pre-service geography teachers because, first, it provides a means for learners to connect to and deepen their connection with geography. Second, it provides a pedagogical tool for geography educators in connecting geography with the community and students. Finally, it holds the potential to improve geography education by immersing students in geography and the world around them.

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