The Performance Effectiveness of the Human Resources of the Dki Jakarta Province Bawaslu in Implementing the Prevention of 2019 Election Violations

    Sitti Rakhman ,Ahman Sya ,Wibowo


    This study aims to determine the effectiveness of the DKI Jakarta Bawaslu HR performance in the implementation of the functions of preventing election violations. The place of research is Bawaslu of DKI Jakarta Province. Data collection techniques through interviews and document analysis. The data analysis technique is descriptive qualitative, namely clearly describing the data obtained at the research site. The results of this study are the performance of Bawaslu HR in carrying out the prevention function is effective. The results of this study are expected to be a reference and provide suggestions for institutions or organizations in an effort to improve the effectiveness of Bawaslu's HR performance in the next election in carrying out the functions of preventing election violations, supervising election stages, taking action against election violations, and resolving election disputes through better human resource management.

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