Immunopathological Disorders in the Female Rats Exposed to Lead Acetate Toxicity and L-Cysteine – Immunized Against Enterococcus Faecalis

    Khalil H. Aljeboori ,Ali H. Ali


    In an experimental design to identify the different immunopathological disorderes in female rats exposed to lead acetate toxicity and L-cysteine and immunized against Enterococcus faecalis. For this reason, 4 groups of female white rats were used, first group were immunized alone with Enterococcus faecalis sonicated Ag (WS EF Ag), the 2nd. group immunized and received L-cysteine ,3rd. group immunized and received lead acetate ,4th group immunized and received Lead acetate and L-cysteine. Different  pathological lesions were seen in the different groups of immunized rats the most extensive lesions  were seen in the group-3 ( immunized and received Lead acetate , whereas , mild  lesions were seen in the groups-1,2 , comparable to the group-3 and mild to moderate lesions were seen in group-4 Conclusion : Immunized groups of rats against Enterococcus faecalis showed extensive lesions in lead  acetate treated group comparable to mild lesions in group  1,2 immunized and L-cysteine receiving and mild  to moderate lesions in the immunized group-4 received L-cysteine and Lead acetate .

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