Bacterial And Serotyping Aspects of Non-0157 Shiga Toxin Producing Escherichia Coli Isolated from Children and Calves in Almuthana Province, Iraq.

    Ahmed Sami Jarad ,Khalil H. Aljeboori


    Bacteriological study was subjected to provide information for non-0157 shiga toxin producing Escherichia coli prevalance  in children and calves using selective media ( chromagar  STEC and chromagar 0157 ) from 127 children with diarrhea and 133 stool samples from calves at AlMuthana province , Characterization depends on culture positive colony on MacConkey agar , Levin's eosin methylene blue agar , staining single colony from growth by gram stain, biochemical tests , indole ,methylred Voges –proskauer , citrate ,oxidase , catalase , urease ,motility , kligler iron and API-20E tests were done to confirm diagnosis of non-0157 STEC  .The reliable isolation as non-0157 serotyping by specific latex agglutination test for target non-0157 STEC  ( big Six ) serogroup (026,045,0103,0111,0121 and 0145) .

    Conclusion The current study revealed that the non-0157 STEC was 20 out of 127 (15.73%) in samples collected from children and 27 out of 133 (20.30%) in calves’ samples.

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