Isolation and Identification of Non 0157 Shigella Toxin Producing Escherichia Coli from Human Diarrhea, Cow Feces and Meat Samples in Missan Province, Iraq

    Mukhalld A.K Ramadhan ,Khalil H. AlJeboori


    The present study was focused on identify and isolate the non-0157 shiga toxin producing Escherichia coli (STEC) from human diarrhea, cow fecel samples and meat samples. The isolation of the pathogens was done on the Using specific media (chromagar STEC and chromagar 0157) to differentiate isolated group of 0157 STEC from non-0157 STEC. After step of enrichment typticase soy broth and eosin methylene blue agar media. The results of chrom-agar isolate for non-0157 STEC were 21 isolated out of 100 human diarrheal samples and 27 out of 100 Cow fecal samples and 5 out of 100 meat samples.

    Conclusion: Isolation of non-0157 STEC were 21/100 human diarrheal samples and 27/100 cow fecal samples and 5/100 meat samples on chrom agar STEC and chromagar 0157.

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