A Proposed Suggestion for Applying Teaching Practicum Courses to Face Developments: Corona Pandemic as a Model

    Sara Saleh Almustafa ,Fathi M Abunasser


    Teachers are the pillars of educational systems and the means for achieving objectives of education, irrespective of context and stance. They are the front line to secure constant education. The aim of the study is to propose a suggestion for applying teaching practicum courses to face developments within the framework of Coronavirus crisis (Covid-19). The study adopted the qualitative approach through a focus group, besides the descriptive analytical method to prepare the suggestion via documents’ analysis. The study sample comprised (51) academic supervisors and (400) students from different Saudi universities. The study determined the status of student teacher training prior to corona pandemic. It proposed an eight- stage suggestion and basic pillars to train the student teacher in order to meet the immediate and growing needs of the young throughout corona pandemic setting time frame for it. The study recommended to implement the suggestion and to re-assess it within several educational ambiences.

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