The Impact of Green Innovation (GI) Performance on Competitive Advantage of Firms in China

    Liu Zhilei
    Keywords: Innovation, global warming, climate ,


    Future prosperity, global warming, and green energy are all complicated and inextricably linked. Without accepting and confronting this reality, the lofty goals set out to overcome any of the challenges will never be fully realised. Over the next century, the globe will have a tremendous problem in providing a stable and affordable energy supply while avoiding unacceptably harmful global climate change pollutions caused by fossil-fuel usage (Holdren, 2006). Global warming has become a serious hazard to humanity, mandating the use of green energy sources. Two of the solutions include increased energy conservation and a shift away from fossil fuels to renewable energy (RE) sources. This is reflected in the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, which place a strong emphasis on RE. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), human influence on the climate system is clear, and greenhouse gas emissions are at historic highs. The importance of energy technology innovation in reducing emissions is being increasingly recognised as the world shifts to ever more sustainable, lower-carbon energy. Several research proposals have been made in order to strengthen the role of entrepreneurial and innovation processes in this change. Businesses make extensive use of environmental and cultural assets. Manufacturing and operations-related emissions and waste have become major sources of pollution in China (Tu & Wu, 2021). As a result, green innovation strategies that aim to include the green idea across a product's whole life cycle may be able to aid firms in decreasing environmental harm and meeting stringent environmental regulations (Yusr et al., 2020). Furthermore, given the global trend toward green growth, green innovation may be able to help firms achieve "win-win" outcomes in terms of profit, social good, and competitive advantage, especially in emerging countries like China

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