Images of the Nature in Islamic Prose

    Entiha Abbas Aliwi


    Islamic Arabic literature, especially prose, has been a source for various literary and linguistic studies, because it is characterized by the diversity of its arts, the student often finds what he seeks in it, especially after the modern critical curricula opened the door wide to deal with it from different directions, and this is what led to the enrichment of the literary library with modern studies that allowed the researcher to access issues that the predecessors did not address it. The research in (Nature images in Islamic prose), which has been neglected for a long period of time, has not been studied and researched. Therefore, Arab critical studies began to attach importance to studying Arabic prose texts in order to reconsider that literary heritage by examining those texts and analyzing them scientifically in the light of analytical studies, this topic is not easy and simple, but is fraught with pitfalls and difficulties, this is because it combines two overlapping arts (the art of nature and the art of writer), and combining them may seem complicated, and researching them is an adventure, hence the difficulty of the subject. Therefore, the researcher must rely on suggestion and condensation in the folds of the prose texts, and disclosure of the elements that formed this structure within the prose text, the nature of the topic required to be into two topics preceded by an introduction and a preface and followed by a conclusion. As for the first topic: I put it under the title (Moving Nature), and in topic  two I dealt with the study of the silent nature of the prose text, then I ended my research with a brief conclusion in which I mentioned the most important results reached by the researcher, and followed them with the list of sources and references that I adopted, and this research relied on The analytical approach to the constituent elements of nature, and an attempt to find their effects in the structure of Islamic prose texts.                                                                                                

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