Cultural Sociology in the Modern Art

    Osamah Adnan Ali ,Ali Shakir Neamah


    Sociology of culture is considered among the most important branches of general sociology, as it is an almost comprehensive science in which most of the sciences meet, and culture is an integral part of the human being, but always with him wherever and whenever he is. It is a theoretical framework and an interpretive ability to describe artistic and literary expressions in a society. Its main value is attention to changing cultural practices within a society, and it enables us to acquire critical mechanisms in order to dismantle what we might call public taste or general culture. Culture includes a huge variety of issues and the reactions of individuals about an event, so it is subject to change if the circumstances of the life of the group change. A lot of things revolve around it, and these ideas, values and beliefs are embodied in the form of symbols in a man-made product. These symbols may be figurative or part of a written language, We find that the diversity of cultural artefacts in the modern Western world is very large, including music, advertisements, films and visual artworks, where Western life and reality witnessed a number of successive changes and transformations at the level of the cognitive and cultural fabric, and this is what caused modernist thought to be in a dilemma and a difficult situation after being subjected to a wave of criticism directed It was brought to him by postmodernist thought, which came to destroy the force majeure of closed major intellectual systems, and the trend towards a totalitarian culture and the activation of the marginal ones, so modernist perceptions, especially (rationalism and subjectivity) provoked a strong wave of criticism and undermining by postmodern thinkers in order to reduce its power and limit the control of Science, absolute judgments, inevitability and certainty. Based on that, the research problem was embodied, which is: What is cultural sociology in contemporary arts?

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