Perception Of Tourists With Smart Tourism Technology Towards Behavioral Intentions: Evidence From Vietnam Customers

    Xuan Duc Nguyen ,Anh Hoang Pham2


    Smart tourism, upgraded by huge improvements in technology, is regarded as the future of global tourism. Scholars have indicated that customer behaviors in travelling service would be significantly impacted by the implementation of innovative procedures. Therefore, establishing an effective and technological-thrived system for smart tourism should be considered to be the strategic goal for destination management. This research is conducted within the scope of Vietnam and aimed to provide understandings about determinants of smart tourism acceptance for domestic tourists. A sample of 292 correspondents have been surveyed to acquire the perceptions and the findings are specified as follows: information security should be the most impacted factor influencing the intention to use smart tourism among tourists, which is followed by perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use. This result poses a critical implication for both tourism managers and researchers to implement smart tourism technology comprehensively from extended TAM model, especially with the role of information security in modern tourism context.

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