The Role of Social Networking Sites in Shaping Iraqi Public Trends about the Agendas of Alkadhimi’s Government: Baghdad as a Modal

    Fatimah Shamil Hashim ,Mohamed Chiad Zainuldin


    Social networking sites could occupy the traditional means and take their role in a more accurate, modern, and close manner to the audience. They had a great influence on the popular protests, especially in Iraq. That led to forming an interim government, which is the seventh government of Iraq after 2003 on May 7, 2020 headed by Mr. Al-Kadhimi that proposed a new government agenda adopting reforms for several issues. That agenda of reforms consisted of eight main points, including priorities of the ministerial agenda, development and reform of security institutions, addressing economic and financial challenges, pillars of foreign relations, combating corruption and administrative reform, justice as a standard for a successful state, peaceful protest as a way to guide the state, the Federal Government, the Kurdistan Regional Government, and the provinces. There are also several sub-points to be implemented during the period of the rule of this government. The researcher adopted the survey research method as it is the most adopted method in media studies, which enabled the researcher to collect data about the research community, identify reality, and obtain objectives.

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