A Conceptual Framework to Support School Leadership in Creating a Positive Climate in South African Schools

    Christo Swart ,Lidia Pottas ,David Maree


    Purpose and scope of article:

    Efficient school leadership and an encouraging school climate are imperative to create good teaching and learning conditions for all learners, especially for those learners of underperforming schools where academic results are not adequate. Critical thinking about the influence of school leadership is required to improve the current situation. The practice of servant leadership as a reinforcing paradigm may significantly affect the school environment.


    A quantitative and qualitative method assessed the relation between servant school leadership and the organisational climate of South African private schools, pursuing best practices to propose to the public-school domain for consideration and implementation.


    Participants recognised the constructs of servant leadership and organisational climate as part of the leadership methodology implemented by their school leadership to develop a positive school environment where teachers as well as learners can succeed.


    A conceptual framework is proposed to introduce the constructs of servant leadership and organisational studies to teachers and future teacher leaders to assist school leaders in bringing about change in the current educational predicament facing South Africa.


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