News processing of Arab events and issues in the international radios, Monte Carlo and China, broadcasting in the Arabic language.

    Abbas Abdulridha Alhmdani ,Hussein rashid yaseen


    The current research aims to know how the news treatment of Arab issues and events in the two radio stations is the field of research. This research is descriptive research that deals with research and study the subject of news treatment of Arab events and issues in the Monte Carlo and China international radios directed to the Arab world, analyzing and interpreting them quantitatively and qualitatively, and conducting systematic comparison and conclusion to reach points of similarity and difference between the treatment method in the two radio stations. The research concluded with a set of results, the most important of which are: The Lebanese issue, the Iraqi issue, and the Palestinian issue came in the first three ranks on the order of Arab issues and events in the news bulletins of the two radio stations, the research sample, while the Bahraini, Mauritanian and Kuwaiti issues ranked in the last three ranks. The results showed the interest of the two radio stations in the political and security content and the content of social development, as these contents topped the scale of interest of the two radio stations if the political content came first, then the security content second, then the contents of social development third in the two radio stations combined. As for Monte Carlo Radio, the news with political content came in the first place with a percentage of 54.2%, and news with a security content ranked second with a rate of 17.8%, and humanitarian news ranked third with a rate of 9.3%. The results showed that the most used frameworks in presenting news related to Arab issues in the two research radio stations is the conflict first framework with a percentage of (36.2%), which is consistent with the nature of news received from Arab countries, most of which are political, military and security news related to the ongoing conflicts in most Arab countries such as (Lebanon). Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Libya).

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