Pros and Cons of Islamic Boarding School Strategy Responding to Changes in Crisis Management Perspective in the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic

    Ahmad Zain Sarnoto ,Ahmad Mansur ,Sri Tuti Rahmawati ,Nurul Hikmah


    This study examines the pros and cons of Islamic boarding schools in responding to changing educational patterns during the Covid-19 pandemic. This type of research is library research with qualitative methods. Data were collected from library sources with a sociological approach. The theory used is crisis management. The findings of this study are as follows: first, Islamic boarding school-based education patterns are vulnerable to external disturbances, including the Covid-19 pandemic. Second, the pros and cons of Islamic boarding school policies revolve around technical strategies to respond to the pandemic situation as well as in responding to government policies. This research contributes to efforts to improve education management in Indonesia in general, and to structuring a better crisis management foundation for the world of Islamic boarding school-based education.

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