Taking care of Gifted Students in Universities during the Coronavirus Pandemic (Covid-19)

    Fathi Abu Nasser ,Rommel AlAli


    Talent is a value that represents the natural ability of most effective people who acquire it, and universities are full of talented students. Accordingly, this research addressed the following research question: What are the most significant services provided to gifted students in universities and what are the legislations and policies followed during the Corona Pandemic? The research analyses 21 documents and 9 interviews of real-life experiences in several Arabic and international universities During the Corona pandemic for the academic year 2020-2021. The changes that were found are in the pattern of the way education services are provided to gifted students, not in its essence. In addition, came up with a model that universities can use in providing care for gifted students and invest in them under various circumstances with the need to lay down regulations for it. The current study recommends adopting the proposed model for providing care for these gifted and development policies and regulations that serve the conscious implementation of them.

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