Digitization Applications under the Crisis Management Challenges: Case Study

    Fouad Yousif Abdul Rahman ,Roaa Younes Jassim Khalaf


    The study was based on the idea that today’s world in light of its renewed crisis, its accelerating changes and survival strategies in light of the turbulent competitive environment bears the character of sustainability in its construction and dealings to create and manage crisis in the system of creative chaos.  To confront the variables of the new world in light of the fabricated epidemic crisis, societies resort to building a digital system to face its challenges and know the role they play to frame the new management thought for crisis management and crisis management by organizations and societies to find out the true image of the conflict, which generated the problem of evident weakness in facing crisis, including the epidemic crisis (Corona). The Researchers reached some conclusions, the most important of which are the necessity of adopting modern and renewed digitization with its systems of a strategic dimension in providing strategic information and following up the renewal of decisions within the principle of survival of the fittest and dealing with complex and interlocking problems to enhance the management of the crisis team is facing challenges according to the available capabilities and advanced knowledge and harmonization between the human mind and the electronic mind to prepare for new global changes and build integration strategies to reduce crisis interaction with a strategic dimension.

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