A Cognitive Linguistic Study of Construal Operations in Selected Strange Trend Silent Animated Films

    Hind Fareed Jaber ,Rana H. Al-Bahrani


    The present study is qualitative cognitive linguistic study. It aims to examine the number and type of construal operations highlighted by Croft and Cruise (2004) by the participants when deciphering silent animated animation. To meet the objective of the study, two silent animated films have been selected from Strange Trend YouTube group to be the data of the study. The type of animations selected address social and human issues that might be encountered in any society at any time. The model used in the analysis is Croft and Cruise’ Adapted version of Construal Operations. The study has concluded that  the majority of the participants unconsciously passed through these stages; however, the number of these stages were sometimes minimized to 2 or three stages. Not all items identified in the first stage have been invested in the rest of the stages. Finally, there is no one to one correspondence between the number of items identified and the ability to access the conceptually connoted meaning of the silent animate under examination. The level of literacy among the participants is good; however, they need to focus more to reach the last stage of the construal operations which focuses on the details.

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