Identity and Competitiveness of Thai Street Food Located In Travelling Area of Bangkok

    Yuttana Sudjaroen ,Kanyapat Petcharaporn ,Jutamas Moolwong


    Street food is attractive factor of foreigner tourists for travelling in Thailand. In Bangkok, various types of Thai street foods are become favor due to convenience of purchasing and reasonable prices. Aims of this study were evaluated standard of street food including original (Thai) taste, quality of service and personal-food hygiene of over one hundred Thai street food restaurants, which were located in center travelling area of Bangkok including Rattanakosin Island, Thanburi and nearby area. Thai street food restaurants had identity of Thai food characteristics with preferable quality of service, which were promoted on public relation as street food restaurants for travelling guide. Common meat dish was Phat Thai, fried mussel, stir fried noodle with chicken, Hainanese chicken, stewed pork leg with rice, barbecued red pork with rice, rice crispy pork, noodle (Thai-Hakka style and wonton noodles), fried noodle with gravy source, stir-fried noodle with soy source and papaya salad with grilled chicken. Common sweet food was mango stick rice, dumplings in coconut cream. Snack was Pork Satay, spring rolls and grilled squid. Few of Thai street food restaurants, which had over 90% of score. These high-quality restaurants were reevaluated in two to three times with different periods. We were found that fifteen of street food restaurants with ten menus had good quality on food taste and service and can be improve to international standard. This study had mapped and recorded data on high quality street food restaurants in guide book, which was gained benefit to Thai food restaurants and business. In addition, it can be also promoting Thai food culture for visiting foreigners.

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