The Impact of Social Support, Self-Efficacy, and Perceived Value of Entrepreneurship toward Students’ Social Entrepreneurial Intention

    Sholikhah ,Andi Muhammad Sadat ,Basrah Saidani


    Study on social entrepreneurship is still being developed to find factors that can better explain social entrepreneurial intentions. In this study, the authors argue that social entrepreneurial intentions are influenced by two main factors: external factors represented by social support and internal factors represented by self-efficacy. As for the construct of the perceived value of entrepreneurship, besides having a direct effect on intentions, it also acts as a moderator with the argument that someone will be encouraged to perform a particular behaviour based on cost and benefit considerations. This research applied a quantitative approach with the target population was students from the Faculty of Economics, Jakarta State University. It applied the purposive sampling method to obtain samples, and data analysis was performed using Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) with Smart PLS3. The research results show that of the five hypotheses proposed, only one is significant, namely, the perceived value of entrepreneurship has a significant influence on social entrepreneurial intention. There was no moderating effect in this research.

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