Successful Innovation in Management of Civil Servants in Indonesian Local Governments

    Sri Haryaningsih ,Nahot Tua Parlindungan Sihaloho


    This study aimed to reveal the determinants of the success of the Pontianak City Government in implementing civil servant management. This research elaborated why and how the Pontianak City Government managed civil servants through a case study design. This study used the force field analysis theory introduced by Kurt Lewin. We found that the success of the Pontianak City Government is due to three main factors: the use of application-based technology, the implementation of obligations and fulfillment of civil servant rights, and the use of various staffing systems proportionally. The first factor contributed to database management, accountability, and transparency. The second factor contributed to the merit system and quality control. The third factor contributed to the decision-making mechanism and the determination of executive actors. Therefore, civil servant management should refer to the merit system and IT utilization and the courage of regional heads / Mayors not to use an integrated approach in a series of managerial processes.

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