Gender Differences in Language Learning from Sociolinguistics Perspectives

    Hafizah Hajimia ,Md. Kamrul Hasan


    Social and cultural factors might be connected to education level, age, gender, and social level that vary depending on circumstances. The present article is a critical review analysis on gender differences in language learning in the Persian Society. Critics and analysis were provided by referring to past literature and real life observations and interviews. The results show that Iranian men and women have a lot in common, and they support Trask's theory. Many similarities existed between Persian society and Trask's Theory, such as swearing, domination, profanity, and repetitive motifs. However it may not be applicable to other countries. The minimal disparities discovered in the study were most likely related to societal variances in culture. The findings might be utilized as a starting point for more research into gender differences in other social contexts and cultures.

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