Simplification of the Bureaucracy through the Merit System

    Nurwita Ismail ,Aminuddin Ilmar ,M. Djafar Saidi ,Muh. Hasrul


    Bureaucratic disease is part of the problems experienced by the nation, a weak and unstable bureaucracy that has not found a good work pattern. The main purpose of the existence of the bureaucracy is basically to provide government administration services in the form of public services to the community. The main task of the bureaucracy is a requirement and must be fulfilled in terms of quality and quantity which must be in line with the principle of the merit system. The research method used is normative research. Using secondary data from literature, journals, and others related to the topic of the problem. The conclusion of the study is that the bureaucracy should be a tool to facilitate the implementation of government policies. The merit system is prepared to reduce bureaucracy in the management of the State Civil Apparatus (ASN), but it is still not effectively implemented. The merit system in structuring bureaucratic management must be implemented based on performance, and the professionalism of the resources for the apparatus. Appointments and dismissals are still characterized by the practice of closeness and connection, human resource management must be oriented to a simple and open system carried out in accordance with the principles of good governance so that reforms are directed at changes, improvements and arrangements as well as arrangements in a comprehensive and systematic manner.

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