Analisys Of Development of Distance Education of Chemistry in Kazakhstan

    Beknazarova Akzhan ,Gulzhamila Meiirova


    The experience that already exists in the Kazakh practice of higher education in the field of distance learning requires further development and improvement. In its activities, the distance learning system should strive for efficiency. This requires a systematic analysis of the distance learning system. Analysis of the results makes it possible to assess the efficiency of the distance learning system and determine the existing reserves of efficiency in it. At the same time, at this stage in Kazakhstan, the issues of organizing and managing distance learning have not been thoroughly studied, in this regard, at the moment there is a need to search for new ways to develop and improve distance learning. The purpose of the scientific article is a comprehensive theoretical study and practical analysis of the distance learning development and organization in chemistry at a university and postgraduate education in the Republic of Kazakhstan, in the development of recommendations for its improvement in accordance with a pleasant digitalization strategy.

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