The Difference of The Effect of Training Teaching Style on The Learning Outcomes of Service Basic Techniques

    Andre Igoresky ,James Tangkudung ,Taufik Rihatno ,Anton Komaini ,Muhamad Sazeli Rifki ,Yuni Astuti ,Aldo Naza Putra


    This study aims to determine the effect of the independent variables, namely exercise teaching style and the dependent variable on the learning outcomes of tennis court game service. This research was conducted with an experimental method. This research was conducted at the State University of Padang. The sample size in this study was 22 students. Hypothesis testing in this study used the Tukey test with a significant level of a = 0.05. Based on the data analysis, it can be concluded that there are differences in the effect of training teaching styles on the learning outcomes of students' basic service techniques in tennis, with the coefficient test results, namely tcount (7.30) which is greater than t table (2.08).

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