Stratigraphy And Geoarcheology Of The Ngarka-Edetayakha 1 Multilayer Settlement On The Yamal Peninsula

    Kolesnikov R.A ,Plekhanov A.V


    The article presents the results of the stratigraphic structure research of the multilayer settlement Ngarka-Edeyayakha 1, located on the left bank of the river Ngarka-Edetayakha in the southeastern part of the Yamal Peninsula. The authors give a consistent description of the geological deposits and cultural layers and considered the issues of the genesis of the deposits composing the settlement.  The specificity of the structure is determined by the alternation of generations of different ages that correspond to the stages of changes in natural conditions. In places where cultural layers are formed, traces of stable soil formation are preserved. The identified soils of the settlement represent a rare sample of northern paleourbanozems that meet the criteria for including the object in the Red Book of Russian Soils.

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