Digital Empathy of Post Graduate Students of Kerala: A Descriptive Research

    Joshith, V. P. ,Thiyagu, K.


    The major aim of the study to find out the level digital empathy among the post graduate students of Kasaragod District. The investigator adopted normative survey to collect the data. In this study, all the post graduate students those who are studying for post-graduation after completing their bachelor’s degree in the Arts and Science Colleges located in Kasaragod District of Kerala has been taken as population of the study. Simple random sampling technique was used to select the sample and 460 post graduate students were selected as the sample from Kasaragod district. The investigator has used a self-prepared tool entitled as “Digital Empathy Scale (2019)” for this study because it covers most of the dimensions of digital empathy such as cognitive, emotional, affective, and moral aspect of empathy of the post graduate students and it will be very easy to get opinion for each statement. The findings of the study were: 38 (8.3%) of the sample has low level, 308 (67%) of sample have moderate level and 114 (24.8%) of sample has a high level of digital empathy. There is no significant difference in the mean scores of digital empathy among the PG Students with respect to their gender and institution background. There is a significant difference in the mean scores of digital empathies among the PG Students with respect to their subject streams. The multiple comparisons of digital empathy scores of the PG Students belong to the different subject streams, when compared with the group of Arts and Science subject stream respondents differ significantly at 0.01 level on digital empathy. Similarly, Arts stream respondents and language stream respondents are differed significantly at 0.01 level on Digital Empathy. Each subject stream is significantly different from each other. The Arts students are having more mean scores of Digital Empathy comparing to language and science subject streams students.

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