Career Guidance and Self-Understanding Effect to Choose Study Programs in Higher Education in Indonesia

    Hamdanah Said ,St. Aminah ,Abd. Muiz Said ,Muhammad Aswad


    This paper was correlational survey research with a quantitative positivistic approach. Data collection techniques used questionnaires and documentation, while data analysis used descriptive and inferential statistical analysis. The results showed that 1) Career guidance received by Tarbiyah and Adab Department of STAIN Parepare students at the secondary schools (SMA / SMK / MA) was in a low category, which was 55.61% of the expected criteria. 2) The level of students' self-understanding in Tarbiyah and Adab Department STAIN Parepare was 68.01% of the expected criteria and categorized as low, 3) The students' decision making of choosing the study program was in the medium category which was 69.59% of the expected criteria. 4) There was a significant influence on career guidance and self-understanding partially and jointly on the decision making of students’ choice for the Tarbiyah and Adab Department at STAIN Parepare. Career guidance and student self-understanding were very important for deciding study programs at tertiary institutions. It showed that career guidance and self-understanding could be a solution allowing students to carry out career planning independently and choose further education following their potential.

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