Implementation of Lampung Customary Criminal Law Enforcement as The Original Character of The Indonesian Nation

    Dwi Putri Melati ,Nikmah Rosidah ,Heni Siswanto


    Lampung indigenous people are divided into two groups, namely the Pepadun community and the Saibatin community. Lampung people who are diverse in indigenous cultures and customs have guidelines for living in socializing with each other and doing deeds. The community's reaction intends for peace and realizing the balance of society again, because traditional Indonesian society differs in the sentencing quartet, customary criminal law throughout Indonesia is not the same. Customary criminal law is a living criminal law, as long as there is a human culture, it will continue to exist. This science is based on experience, not judgmental thinking. Using a normative approach, the usual legal research is actually the day-to-day work of a law scholar. Lampung indigenous people are known as Piil Pesinggiri, such as: Juluk Adek, Nemui Nyimah, Nengah Nyappur, and Sakai Sambayan. Aspects of lampung customary regulations themselves are clear and regulated in customary books, Cepalo and Kuntara Rajo Aso and kuntara Raja Niti. The field of criminal law is limited to locals. Nothing can be used for routine punishment throughout Indonesian society. 

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