Understanding the Barriers of Acculturalisation its Impact on the Digitalisation and Employee Engagement in Private Higher Education in Malaysia - Uncovering a Research Gap and Proposed Research Framework

    Christina Rathy Anthony Samy ,Tan Seng Teck


    This article examines to understand the barriers of acculturalisation and the impact of digitalisation and Employee Engagement among private higher education institutions (PHEIs) in Malaysia. There is no doubt that the education sector has received aggressive digital revamp and modernisation. This has resulted in more sophisticated and engaging delivery of syllabus altogether enhancing students’ learning experience. While many studies were centred on the impact of digitalisation and modernisation on pedagogies, where fewer studies examined that the acculturalisation on the teaching faculty. Limited studies labelled the faculties as the ‘gatekeepers’ against acculturalisation which hinders their engagement at workplace. This thesis investigates two fundamental issues. Firstly, to identify and explore the cultural resistance towards the acculturalisation of digital education using the factors of Age and Gender as a mediating factor of study. Secondly, this thesis examines the role of gamification and social media as useful platforms to enhance employee engagement. The results of this study underpins a possible solution towards enhancing academicians’ retention, to improve the well-being, performance with the increase receptivity of digital education.

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