Systematic Review and Initiation In Scientific Research: An Experience With Law Students

    Yasmina Riega-Virú ,Mario E. Ninaquispe Soto ,Rosa Luz Beltrán Ponce ,Juan C. Oruna Lara


    The Northern Private University is committed to the development of research skills. The study aimed to determine the existence of a relationship between the development of systematic reviews and the initiation in scientific research of Law students at the Northern Private University, 2019 - 2020. One course was chosen for each cycle (8th, 9th and 10th), to develop a systematic review study as the final product of the course. This system was applied in 3 academic semesters 2019-2, 2020-1 and 2020-2. In order to measure the impact on the students, a questionnaire was applied to learn about their research knowledge and practice in systematic reviews, which was correlated with the learning about research. Some difficulties faced by students in conducting research at the University were identified. However, many strengths in the research training process were identified. It was found that 98% of the students consider that the development of research skills is perfect, while only 2% consider it poor. It was concluded that there is a significant relationship between the elaboration of the systematic review and the learning of scientific research.

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