The Authority of Administration to Modify Administrative Contracts

    Dr. Mohammed salman Mahmood ,Mohamned kadhim hamzah asakra ,Salwan mudhafar Abdul ameer


    The authority of the administration in amending the administrative contract stems from the necessity of running the public facility for which the contract was concluded - regularly and continuously, and the administration has broad powers during the implementation of these contracts, including modifying the contract by individual will, but this authority is not olute but is restricted by the controls that the administration has to When using this authority, and highlight the importance of research in practice when new circumstances arise that require the intervention of the administration to modify the contract concluded in keeping with these circumstances in order to achieve the common interest, that the indifference to the will of the contractor and the sole management with the authority to modify and exceed the limits of these The authorities sometimes have the effect on the interests of the contractor, representing the problem of research and we relied in our research on the method of analytical and comparative approach, and we reached a number of results and recommendations mentioned in the conclusion of the research.

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