Environmental Pollution and GDP: Causality Test in Iraq towards a Sustainable Environment

    Abdul Zahra F. Younis ,Sohaila Abdul-Zahra-Hujaimi ,Mustafa Kamil Rasheed


    The study aims to find the causality relationship between some indicators of environmental pollution in the gross domestic product in Iraq. The hypothesis of the research is that environmental pollution factors affect the GDP, according to the nature of economic activities and the degree of industrial development. research importance is the factors of environmental pollution have become today one of the most important obstacles to environmental sustainability and the preservation of human life, so all countries of the world seek to contain the negative repercussions of industrial development, and to find technical alternatives that help economic growth and preserve the environment at the same time. The Electricity production from oil sources indicator, and the CO2 emission indicator were used as a representative of the environmental pollution in Iraq, in order to know the causality relationship between these indicators and the GDP. The study concluded that there is no causality relationship to any direction of environmental pollution indicators and GDP. The study recommended the necessity of pursuing clean technologies to replace crude oil-based technologies in Iraq, in order to maintain a sustainable environment.

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