Signs of the establishment of the Japanese Navy until 1869

    Riyam Ahmed Abed al-Zubaidi ,Waleed Abood Mohammed al-Dulaimi


    Throughout history, the seas and oceans witnessed several conflicts that contributed to shaping the future of peoples and nations and determining the extent of their ability to defend themselves and the extent of their control over international navigation. The nature of the political and military developments it faced at home and abroad until the end of the sixties of the nineteenth century and beyond. Accordingly, this research came under the title "The Signs of Establishing the Japanese Navy until 1869", which tried to address the first beginnings of the crystallization of the importance of the Japanese Navy for the years (1185-1853), and the beginnings of the formation of the Japanese naval force until 1868, and then the development of Japan's military power during the Meiji era, which It witnessed comprehensive and important developments, of which the naval power had a large share in 1869. 

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