The role of electronic advertising in motivating consumers to purchase preventive medical goods related to Corona pandemic

    Zahraa Mohamed Khemir ,Hoda Malik Shabeeb


    Electronic advertisements have an important role in promoting different goods and services and presenting them to the consumer in an attractive way, using a set of creative methods to make the advertisement appear well to the consumer and motivate the consumer to buy preventive medical goods to prevent the Corona virus, The research problem revolves around a main question: Did electronic advertising help the consumer to purchase preventive medical goods during the period of the Corona pandemic? The goal of the research was to find out the extent of the success or failure of electronic advertisements in motivating the consumer to buy preventive medical goods related to the Corona pandemic, and to achieve the goal of the research, the researcher relied on the survey method, as for the research tool, it was a questionnaire tool to collect data and information that achieve the objectives of the study, and the researcher chose the study sample represented by the audience of the city of Baghdad, the center, the size of the research sample was 520 respondents, who were 18 years and over, both males and females. The research came out with several results, including the respondents’ attitude that they purchased preventive medical goods related to the Corona pandemic by following up electronic advertisements at a very high rate for the alternative, I agree, 442 respondents has agreed with that, with a percentage of 85%, , which made it obtain the first place. The conclusion is that in times of crises, the demand for advertisements that succeed in employing crises increases by intensifying the broadcasting of messages, either educational or commercial, according to the crisis, and we suggest that advertisers should be directed to follow the correct scientific methods in forming the advertising message in times of crisis so that they can achieve their marketing goals.

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