The Effect of Qualitative Physical Exercises in Developing Some Components of Physical Fitness and Anaerobic Ability of Young Handball Goalkeepers

    Naktal Muzahem Khaleel ,Nizar Faiq Salih ,Wissam Mahdi Saleh


    The position occupied by the goalkeeper differs from his performance from the rest of the players. In addition, the goalkeeper who enjoys these components has the ability to be a difficult number with the rest of the team members if we know that he is the only one who has the right to defend the goal within the 6m area. The study aims to identify the effect of various physical exercises in developing some components of physical fitness (kinetic flexibility, speed of response to the arms and legs and agility) and the anaerobic ability of young goalkeepers in handball. The researchers used the experimental method for its suitability and the research problem to ascertain the effectiveness of specific exercises The method of the experimental group with two tests, before and after, where the researchers chose the research sample by the intentional method represented by the young handball goalkeepers of the new Solaf club, which numbered (6) goalkeepers. A set of specific physical exercises that affect the variables that were targeted for the purpose of developing goalkeepers were used. The exercises contributed to developing flexibility and kinetic speed of the arms and legs, as well as developing good anaerobic ability.

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